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No special event or gathering is complete without a skilful and knowledgeable music lover at the helm. I offer DJ services in the Stockton area, and have provided curated soundtracks to memorable nights at parties and events for multiple years. My Price is determined in accordance to desired equipment wanted/needed, i.e. lights, speakers, special effects, also depends on hours booked and extra services possibly needed. My taste is wildly eclectic and I am able to cater for all styles and preferences of music, from funk, soul and RnB right through to electronic, indie and the latest chart hits. With all the necessary equipment available to hire, I offer the complete DJ package for a night you’ll never forget. Call up Smooth Transition Entertainment today on +14088937862 and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Focused On My Customers

The best kind of music is the kind that resonates, so Smooth Transition Entertainment's main objective is to play what you and your guests want to hear. Give me a sample of songs and I will put together a set you will love. No matter where or what your event is, from a wedding reception at a local church to a birthday party at a nightclub, I can make it the best party in town.

My Equipment

For every event, I am able to provide the full range of DJ equipment, from mixing units and PA right through to lighting and smoke machines. Equipment setup is included in the hire price, and I am fully versed in the correct equipment procedures to make sure your night runs without a hitch.


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All services
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Daniel Hopkins

07 October 2020

07 October


Awesome choice and wide variety of music awesome customer service and always willing to answer questions and help at anytime....i would highly recommend smooth ...
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